G Suite Security: Five Mistakes Every Admin Should Avoid

1. Relying too much on 3rd-party applications:

2. Not Checking the Data Leaking

3. Not relying on Google Security Audit

4. Altering or changing Passwords too Frequently

5. Forgetting to train new employees

Guidelines for G-Suite Admin:

  • G-Suite security should be a practice that needs to be followed on a regular basis.
  • Second, if you find something suspicious or unusual, don’t take it lightly or don’t waste days investigating it, instead immediately contact the concerned department.
  • Keep an eye on the G-suite updates.
  • Get all the information that revolves around security measures while using G-Suite, understand the applications that you use, get to know the security parameters of those apps, read the permission while downloading the application.
  • Give a case study to the employee and get insights about their understanding like What will you do if you find that your account is hacked?

Bottom Line:



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