The Complete G Suite Guide for Admin — ContactBook

What is G-Suite Admin?

G-Suite Admin Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Super Admin:

2. Group Admin:

3. User Management Admin:

Utility of Apps by G-Suite Admin :

1. Gmail:

Role of G-Suite Admin:

  • Keep and search email logs
  • Access all the mails id of the employees
  • Track the mails and keep an eye on the mailing system of the company

2. Calendar:

Role of G-Suite Admin:

  • Assign important activities in calenders of employees
  • Schedule reminders on calendars
  • Check the calendar of each employee to know their involvement on a particular day

3. Google Drive:

Role of G-Suite Admin:

  • Grant or restrict the access of files on Google Drive
  • Create a Team Drive
  • Control who can view, comment on, edit, create, and remove files
  • Grant access individually to all the employees
  • Delete the documents

4. Google Forms:

Role of G-Suite Admin:

  • You can restrict who can see the data
  • share the forms with each employee
  • share the data of forms with a particular number of people

Set Up G-Suite Account:

How to access Google apps admin console?

Manage G Suite Account


Company Profile


Device Management


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Quick and Effective ways G-Suite Admin can perform better:

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2. Feedbacks from employees:

3. Focused Communication with remote workers:

4. Manage task of each employee:

5. G-Suite Reports:



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