We are Migrating to ContactBook New Version

What to expect in the new version

  • Contact sharing in the same domain
  • Contact Sharing from a domain to Gmail accounts
  • Non-admin G Suite Users can share contacts
  • Extended activity logs (You can see the progress of your sharing and any issues that may occur while sharing will be visible so you can correct them!)
  • Failure Email notifications (Sometimes we get errors from Google APIs which stops certain actions from happening. For example, Label creation failed. You will get notified via email in that case so you are aware of that situation and can perform necessary actions like sharing the label again with the user)
  • Support of new Contacts API (compatible with Google Contacts)
  • Only sync the modifications in contacts/labels (Once you are fully onboard, contacts syncing will be much faster)
  • All details of your contacts (notes, multiple numbers, emails, etc.) from Google Contacts, will be shared.
  • Stable and fast (less possibility of issues)

What will not be available currently

  • Auto-sync
  • Permission management
    -You won’t be able to give permission to EDIT contacts to shared users. So, shared users will not be able to manage (create, edit, delete) Labels and Contacts which are shared with them.
  • Contact Management from ContactBook web interface
    -You won’t be able to create and manage Labels and Contacts (create, edit, delete) from ContactBook Interface(web admin)

What changes for existing users



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